Na Te Po

This collection is reminiscent of ‘na te po, ko te ao!’ From the darkness, came the light...

This collection acknowledges Te Ao Marama, Matariki and Te Waka-o-Rangi through draping, colours, details, fabrics and the use of the poutama design to reflect the whakapapa connection of Te Ao Marama and to our loved ones who have passed on.

 It moves in much the same way that darkness and light move, sharing a constant space but also individual spaces where we believe that darkness occurs without light and vice versa.  It is anchored in the richness of the poutama design – the red and black colour seems in stark contrast and yet as opposites they sit paired – occurring in the same moment of time and inspiring a connection to whakapapa that our tupuna knew and lived by.  They are strong and the long folds of fabric reflect the symbolic journeying into Te Po.

The beauty of red against the black is two-fold - it denotes the familiarity of this colour across time and space and lives eternally in so many of our designs and calls forth a sense of the richness of life – flowing through and around us.  It weaves its way though the theme of this collection and we experience the beauty of the red in the pohutukawa and are reminded of those memories of summer and the warmth and connectedness to the people and things that make us who we are and where we come from.  Pohutukawa is also the star which connects our loved ones who have passed on, to the Matariki constellation.  The red and black carries through in other pieces of the collection and connects us to Te Waka o Rangi, the star constellation captained by Taramainuku.

The netting and tulle of the evening wear honours the Captains net cast from Te Waka o Rangi, to capture the souls of those who have passed on over the lunar year, ready to cast them into the heavens to become stars upon the rising of Matariki.

Na Te Po

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