UKU Natural Products

"UKU" Natural Products are our exclusive range of handcrafted Natural health and body products infused with Native plants and herbs or products made from recycled/repurposed materials.

Both Annette and Taongahuia have made natural remedies for their personal needs, family and friends for years.  Where possible, our rongoa has been handpicked according to the Maramataka (Māori Moon phases) and acknowledging traditional Māori practices (karakia) during the harvesting and after completion. 

Annette is the Super-Hine-Soap-Maker preferring the Cold Process Soap making technique to ensure all the products used are natural with no chemicals or parabens.  Together her and Taongahuia create recipes with a kawakawa base, infusing Native Aotearoa Flora and fauna with other oils and extracts which vibrate well with kawakawa, to suit the various skin types and ailments common within their network of whanau and friends.  They both use tradtional Māori harvesting techniques, preferring to harvest according to the Maramataka (Māori Calendar) and acknowledging the gift of the rongoa through karakia before harvesting and upon completion.

Our selection of Natural, recycled or repurposed products includes:

  • Handmade Soap
  • Handmade Shampoo bars
  • Detox and relaxing Bath Salts
  • Pani Ngutu (Lip Balm)
  • Pani (Balm)
  • Tākai Kai (Wax food wraps)
  • Recycled Rimu Soap Trays
  • Māori design T'Lite Candle holders on Recycled Rimu wood base